How could we refuse the chance to rap for wrapped gummi lollies? Here's the chorus: Wrapped gummi lollies, wrapped gummi lollies, get yo' gummi lollies in our Sydney candy shop, make a stop, What? Here's the intro: Oh yeah, we gonna get some wrapped gummi lollies from our friends at Candy Bar Sydney, come on yo! Here's the verse: Come a drive with me, we gonna get some gummi lollies for some eats, on the streets, come my friends and feel my beats now get your tongues out, sing your lungs out, gummi lollies every day now don't be fakin' it, cos they be makin' and shakin' their lollies are breathtakin', I take 'em to my bachelor pad in Brisbane town, they be goin' down, now, wrappers crinklin' on the floor, get me more, from the candy store.