We're multi-faceted, didn't you know? You might have thought that our Sydney candy warehouse was preoccupied with bulk lollies and chocolates, but you forgot one very important thing. Sydney gets pretty bloody hot! And the party is only possible if there is a lot of liquid love, which is where we can step in and help. In addition to stocking your candy bar with tons of gooey, hard, sweet and crunchy sweet treats, we can also deck your party tables with loads of deco and we can stock your bar with a load of excellent mixers. We have the funnest party drinks around - anything that's sweet, fizzy and super chilled, you can order in bulk from our website. Fun and flamboyant creaming sodas, enigmatic Dr. Peppers, fabulous Fanta in multiple colours and flavours. Crack open an L&P or an A&W and "slam it down fast", as they say.