A category that one would think needs no introduction – after all, Valentine’s Day and chocolates go hand in hand, right? Right. But it’s still easy enough to get wrong, as chocolate is an insanely personal preference. Your love might be mad keen on champagne truffles but can’t stand the sight of a liqueur-laden sweet treat. If you're not quite sure and you don't want to make any stupid mistakes that might jeopardise the future, our suggestion would be to keep things simple and speak from the heart. And speaking of hearts… oh yes we did. Beautiful, simple, delicious and pure, our Belgian chocolate hearts can be colour-themed to please the most discerning of chocolate-heart-colour-theming-purists, of which a few do exist, and perhaps the love of your life is one of them. And for a bit of extra Valentine’s Day sass, throw in a few chocolate lips too. Message received, loud and clear!