If you're in charge of decorating the home or office for Christmas this year, there's something about our collection that won't escape your attention. What could it be? Mostly everything glitters and twinkles? Well, yes... that is true. But that's not it. It's more about what's missing from our ornament collection. Are you ready? Kitsch.There's no kitsch! Nothing tacky, nothing silly, no novelty items or ugly garish things to be seen. It is pure class and all magic. A twinkle of silver or gold, a touch of tinsel, lots of shiny baubles in magical Christmas colours and some truly beautiful and delicate one-off pieces. Bells, snowflakes, lettering and wreaths. And every single item is completely tasteful! We're happy to be able to retain our elegant simplicity, even during the silly season. And you can breathe a sigh of relief that it is 100% impossible to choose unwisely when decorating for Christmas. Thank goodness for that.

Custom Star Christmas Decoration

12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD

Personalised Christmas Ornament

12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD

Merry Christmas Cake Topper

14.95 14.950000000000001 AUD