When you think about Christmas lollies, we bet you've got visions of those green, red and white boiled lollies dancing in your head and not much more than that, right? Maybe a token foil-wrapped chocolate Santa on a sad paper plate. Oh boy oh boy, do we need to talk. My friend, Christmas lollies are so. much. more. than. a. token. chocolate. Santa. Christmas lollies are inspiring, colourful, cheeky, bold and sensational. Think whimsical Christmas tree lollipops and Marella jubes. Think milk chocolate M&Ms in festive colours and shimmer gumballs. Think delicate foil-wrapped Belgian chocolate hearts, green fairy floss, fluffy marshmallows and red peppermint rock candy bullseyes. These are the treats with which you'll adorn your gingerbread house, fill your hand-crocheted stockings and lovingly decorate the stylish plates for the big Christmas lunch. Think big! Bold! Inspired! Excuse us, we're getting a bit teary.

Red Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

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Allen's Ripe Raspberries 1.3kg

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Allen's Jaffas Lollies 1kg

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Allen's Pineapple Lollies 1.3kg

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Allen's Red Frogs Alive 1.3kg

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