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Cocoa Powders


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Cocoa powders are the fairy dust of the confectionery world, the fabulous and flavoursome sugar-free fixer-upperer that makes everything OK again. It's more effective than a kiss-it-better from mum, lighter than a warm hug and tastier than a tub of comfort ice-cream. So, what wounds are you nursing? Barista at the Sydney coffee shop get your order wrong again? Just get her to add cocoa powder to your froth - you won't even notice. Didn't make it to the gym this week? Drown your sorrows with a lovingly crafted cocoa powder-fuelled hot chocolate, with or without a generous spoonful of sugar. Confined to the couch with a broken limb? Use cocoa powder for effective pain relief. (Always consult your physician before commencing a new treatment). And if you're really sulking, add cocoa powder lavishly to such cocoa-filled and maybe even somewhat healthy desserts like cocoa truffles, vegan brownies and avocado banana keto chocolate pudding.