We love and cherish chocolate in all its forms. Here at this humble Sydney candy store, a solitary chocolate covered peanut is just as precious as a lavishly packaged box of pralines. All the same, if you're going to give the gift of chocolate, you may as well do it right. A touch of class, a pretty box, a ribbon or a hint of sparkle or shine. So we've put together a collection of really classy chocolates, truly worthy pieces of culinary art that reflect your feelings just as respectfully as you experience them yourself. These chocolate gifts say "thanks for helping me out", "hope you have a fabulous birthday" and most importantly, "I love you more than the contents of this box of chocolates, which is really saying something because this chocolate box is out of this world. Just sayin'. Enjoy. Save a few for me? KTHXBAI."

Domori San Josè Collection

174.95 174.95000000000002 AUD