Yupi makes gummy candy that everyone can enjoy, and we're thrilled to have their halal sweets on the shelves of our candy warehouse. Many gummy bears and similar sweets are made with pork gelatine, which means that not everyone gets to enjoy them. And half the time, when you try to find out whether sweets are halal online, you can't be absolutely certain. Thankfully, Yupi's got your back: this Indonesian gummy candy market leader has been cooking up halal sweets since the mid 1990's. Yupi lollies are completely halal, all of them: their delicious halal jelly babies, adorable halal gummy bears, sour worms, coke bottles, you name it. So buy them in bulk online at our candy warehouse: we deliver to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and all over the country. Then guzzle those sugary halal treats with wild abandon.