Selecting your favourite bulk lollies from the gaping aisles of our Sydney lolly warehouse and indulging in gluttonous candy shop consumption is all well and good, but at the end of the day, you need fresh breath and good teeth. Whatever your poison, be it coffee, onions, pickled herring, or strawberry sour straps, there's no need to share the love with everyone in the elevator. If ever there was a brand that people associate with freezing arctic freshness, it's Eclipse by Wrigley. The shockingly effective Eclipse sugar free chewing gum launched in 1999, making a mark with its luminous metallic green packaging and a sharp gust of seriously intense minty flavour underneath that crunchy shell. Two unforgettable fresh flavours left their mark, Winterfresh and Wintergreen. It wasn't long before Eclipse was a market leader, and the company went from strength to strength. In 2005, Wrigley made room in their assortment for Eclipse Mints, compact little sugar free breath mints packed with a peppermint punch in a classy Eclipse tin. It's the tin that everyone goes wild about, perfect for popping open and offering your colleague a cheeky mint, or reusing however you see fit once the mints are all gone. As well as having seriously beautiful packaging and a premium minty punch, Eclipse Mints are well known thanks to the company's clever marketing campaigns and cheeky humour. Some of the most unforgettable Eclipse advertisements include "Lawyers and Confessions", "Abominable Coffee Breath" and Funky Fish Breath". Nowadays, Eclipse Mints come in some seriously cool flavours: Fruit Trio, Peppermint, Cool Breeze, Berry Fruit, Spearmint, and Strawberry & Watermelon, just to name a few. Candy Bar Sydney has the original mints, the chewing gum, and the chewy mints. We even stock the limited edition Peppermint 34g mints tin with the Aussie flag on it. Obviously, we encourage you to buy bulk confectionery from our Sydney candy shop, but don't forget to include Eclipse mints in abundance on your online order for after the gluttonous, delirious candy consumption is complete.