New Zealand has a lot to be proud of. Outstanding brands, products, and names have humble beginnings in New Zealand. Take the All Blacks, for example. Fisher and Paykel. Canterbury clothing. L&P. And then there's Whittaker's chocolate. If ever there were a brand of chocolate that stands for quality, history, and deliciousness, it is J.H. Whittaker & Sons Ltd. James Henry Whittaker established the company in 1896, originally delivering his chocolate wares to his customers on horse. Sons Ronald and James jumped on board in 1913, and Whittaker's went public in 1937. Even today, Whittaker's is still run by the family, J.H. Whittaker's grandsons, in fact. Andrew and Brian Whittaker have taken over the reigns, and they remain extremely proud of their good honest chocolate. Since the very beginning, the Whittaker family controlled the entire chocolate making process. They source their chocolate from Madagascar and Ghana, because the quality is divine and the production is ethical. Then, they add high quality extra ingredients such as fruit, hazelnuts, peanuts, or coconut. The mixing, roasting, moulding, refining, and baking takes place according to Whittakers rigorous specifications. As a final touch, Whittaker's wraps it chocolate treasures in gold. That's right, everything from the premium cocoa bean to the gold-clothed bar is in good hands, and the world has taken notice. Luckily for us here at our Sydney lolly warehouse, Whittaker's exports to Australia, but also most of Asia and the UK. Whittaker's is responsible for such gems as the Peanut Slab, the Dark Peppermint, and the richest, creamiest, most wholesome tasting Fruit and Nut bar on the market. There's Whittaker's ice-cream as well as an extensive range of chocolate blocks, pips, slabs, chunks, squares and bars. At Candy Bar Sydney, we chose Whittaker's most popular and desirable chocolates to include in our enormous range of bulk lollies online. Our personal favourites are right there waiting for you to order: the Almond Gold Slab, the Coconut Slab, the Lemon & Paeroa Slab, and the classic Peanut Slab. This is New Zealand chocolate at its absolute finest. If you want matching New Zealand lollies to go with your New Zealand chocolate, complement your Whittakers chocolates with Pascall Pineapple Lumps.