Remember when Starburst lollies entered onto the Australian candy scene in the mid-nineties? Maybe you were a kid yourself, or perhaps your kids started bringing them home. There's no denying there was something very unique about this brand of candy - the iconic Starburst Fruit Chews were packed with three intense fruity flavours unlike anything we'd ever experienced before in the Land Down Under. Starburst took Australia by storm and just kept getting better and better. Today, these lollies continue to be at the forefront of innovation, colour and flavour. The Starburst Fruit Chews you know and love are still tried and true: individually wrapped, square-shaped and brightly coloured and flavoured. Then there's a whole other range of colours, shapes and forms. Starburst Sucks: lollipops like you've never known before. Snakes and Ladders and Animal Friends - cute, quirky and inexplicably juicy. Get your Starburst fix here at our Sydney lolly store.<br>