Never have we come across a lolly in our confectionery warehouse with such a perfectly apt name. Radical Storms do a really good job at shaking up the shelves with their colourful, squishy, flavoursome cloud-covered awesomeness. If there was such a thing as a radical storm, we hope that these babies in all their many colour and flavour combinations would come thundering down on our candy factory, and we hope that such a tempest wouldn't let up for hours. Just think of the sweet and squishy debris. Hundreds and thousands of fabulous fluffy lollies covering the candy buffet and dripping down from the trees in flavours like blue raspberry, bubble gum and strawberry. We'd all emerge tentatively from our shelter under the shelves of the lolly warehouse, toting our umbrellas carefully in case there's a repeat downpour (secretly hoping there is), and we'd marvel at the super sweet cloud cover and get chomping.