If ever there was a perfect combination of candy, science, and adventure, it would be Pop Rocks. These babies look little and harmless, but you pop just one in your mouth and suddenly there is sizzling, crackling, fizzing, and general chaos. It's startling and thrilling at the same time. How do they do it? Candy Bar Sydney decided to take a moment out of our busy schedules at our bustling Sydney lolly warehouse to explain the process of making popping candy. You see, Pop Rocks contain all the usual candy ingredients, but the ingredients are heated to boiling point and mixed with carbon dioxide. In every tiny little Pop Rock there are little trapped bubbles of carbon dioxide, screaming to get outta there. You place one on your tongue, and the warmth dissolves the popping candy, letting the bubbles of pressurized gas out. That's why there's a crackling, sizzling, popping sound and the tingly feeling on your tongue. Put simply, popping candy is genius. It was introduced onto the market in 1975, but wasn't an instant success. But soon enough, the demand for popping candy exceeded the supply, and chaos ensued. Nowadays, Pop Rocks are manufactured by Pop Rocks Inc. In 2008, a wily scientist was so fascinated by the popping candy journey, he documented its history - Pop Rocks: The Inside Story of America's Revolutionary Candy, by Dr. Marvin J. Rudolph. At Candy Bar Sydney, we've got Pop Rocks in all sorts of colours and flavours like strawberry, cola, and Tutti Frutti Bubble Gum. There are even more gags among our collection of bulk lollies, such as Candy Magic Pop Rocks that paint your tongue funny colours while you're sucking away. Don't forget the Pop Rocks Dips and Tattoo. Before you dive into our collection of cheap bulk lollies searching for Pop Rocks, you might want to know, are they safe? Don't fear. They won't make your stomach explode or puncture a lung on their way down. Pop Rocks have less carbon dioxide trapped inside than a swig of cola. Let loose and let the popping begin!