Hubba Bubba is everything we love about working in candy: bright, vibrant, fun and cheeky with big bubble gum flavours and loads of variety. When it comes to the gum, Hubba Bubba is a household name that takes you right back to its beginnings in Australia in the 1980’s, when no two shoelaces were identical and the biggest bubble blower was the undisputed street hero. More than three decades later, Wrigley’s Hubba Bubba continues to wow us with its flamboyant colours, signature packaging and insane bubble gum flavours. Remember being pleasantly assaulted by a vibrant purple wad of Groovy Grape? Remember that rich, dark and sensational strawberry flavour? You’ll be pleased to learn that nothing has changed. Except that in addition to its signature bubble gum range, Hubba Bubba has also released its revolutionary Grape Tape, and after rigorous product testing at Candy Bar Sydney, let us assure you – 180 cm of bubble gum can make a whole lot of mammoth bubbles. Get popping!