Haribo is quality German gummy and jelly confectionery with a history spanning close to a century. In 1920, entrepreneur Hans Riegel founded a small company in Bonn that would take the world by storm in the decades to come. It began in his backyard kitchen, and as we know, some of the most remarkable enterprises have humble beginnings. The Haribo story even made it to the Landesmuseum in Koblenz, where a travelling museum exhibition explored the company’s extensive history in 2006. Nowadays, Haribo is everywhere, with branches all over Europe, Asia, the USA, and Australia. You see, it all began with the Haribo gummy bears. The gummy bear was originally known as the Haribo Dancing Bear, inspired by the bears trained to show off their dancing moves at festivals and markets in 19th century Germany. Back in the day, you could buy two Dancing Bears for a penny. In the years that followed, the dancing bear was succeeded by the Haribo Gold Bears, and even further refined. Today, you’ll find Sour Gold Bears, Baby Goldbears, even Juicy Goldbears. These fruity jelly-filled critters were what put Haribo on the map, and were followed by popular sweets such as liquorice and Chamallows. Today, gummy lollies such as Tangfastics, Happy Cola, Turtles, Starmix, and Sweet & Sour Bears have a place on the Haribo production line. If you’re as sweet on brightly coloured gummy and jelly lollies as we are at Candy Bar Sydney, you can’t go past a pack of Haribo lollies, and we have plenty of bulk lollies at our Sydney candy shop. The cola bottles are fresh and squishy, the brightly coloured dinosaurs are delightfully cute (although they’re actually trying to be fierce). Haribo Green Frogs are hopping off the shelves of our candy warehouse and into shopping carts with wild froggy abandon. Then of course, there’s the classic gummy bear itself. We like to think that Haribo Gummi Bears are like little squishy pioneers that have carved a very special place on the shelves of our Sydney candy factory.