These little Italian silver treasures stand for everything beautiful in the world: chocolate, beauty, sweet nothings and true love's kiss. Well, kisses, plural, to be exact. It's an important distinction that Baci Perugina chocolates make quite deliberately, because once you've had one Baci chocolate you won't be able to stop there. Baci Perugina is a fine luxury brand of candy that started in, you guessed it, Perugia in the 1920's. This romantic medieval Italian city is a gorgeous backdrop for any love story, and once you add Italian chocolate into the mix, it's irresistible. Baci Perugina chocolates begin with a whole hazelnut, are covered in a divine hazelnut filling and smothered in dark chocolate. They sneak an Italian love note into the mix and wrap the whole thing tenderly in a silver star-crossed wrapper. "Where can I buy Baci chocolates at once?", you ask fervently, eager to give your loved one a wonderful romantic surprise. Why, at our Sydney candy warehouse, of course.