Albanese Confectionery stand for excellence in the production of gummi bears and American lollies, and uses innovative technology and antique packaging printing techniques to stand out from the crowds.

Albanese Confectionery technology allows for non-freeze treats, for the addition of Omega 3 Fish Oil and other nutritious bits and pieces into their gummis, and for revolutionary techniques for the creation of sour lollies and flavour release. Wow! What exciting breakthroughs in the gummi and candy industry. You can expect only good quality European and American ingredients in candies from Albanese Confectionery. Look on the shelves at the Candy Bar Sydney for a wonderful, delicious range of Albanese gummi bears in all shapes and sizes: gummis in black cherry, passionate peach, pineapple, purple grape, strawberry, green apple, and lemon, among others. There is no end in sight: soldiers, jets, rings, blue lollies, pink lollies, lollies in all the colours of the rainbow.