Silver and White Pom Poms - Set of 5 by Martha Stewart

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Add Some Fun to Your Candy Bar Buffet Décor With These Silver and White Pom Poms by Martha Stewart


Qty: Set of 5

Designer, Martha Stewart, knows how to create a pleasurable environment, and she is no doubt at it again with these Silver and White Pom Poms. Simply hang these pom poms above your candy bar buffet and let their vibrant white and silver colors and plump textures add some fun to your décor. Each package arrives in a set of three ready-to-hang Pom Poms for you to begin creating the perfect sweet lover’s environment. As the light catches each shadow on every Silver and White Pom Pom, your guests will surely notice.  Martha Stewart’s masterful Pom Pom design will invoke images of cream filled treats, spun sugar, and frosted delights—the perfect decoration for any candy bar buffet! These Pom Poms are sure to make your guests shout, “Bring on the sweets!”