Pink Pom Poms - Set of 5 by Martha Stewart

Pink Pom Poms - Set of 5 by Martha Stewart

Nothing says party like a massive set of pink pom-poms by Martha Stewart!

Fun, festive pom poms come in 2 sizes: 42cm and 48cm.

Colour: Pink

Set of 5

Every practical pink party needs a perfect pink pom-pom - it’s a fact. These gorgeous and flamboyant decorations from the queen of home entertainment, Martha Stewart, light up the room, and tend to make you giggle. They’re just so lovely! The ruffled edges say “I’m breezy and fun”, and the lovely pink hues are all about flowers, fun, and frivolity. What’s your party theme? Hens’ night? Easter? Baby shower? Naughty? Let the set of 5 pink pom poms by Martha Stewart catch the breeze and hang lightly above your gift table, buffet, or living area. Light up the room with pink passion, spread the joy, and be thankful for how lovely your life is. If the most important task of today is choosing the most wonderful pink pom poms in the world for your next event, you have every right to celebrate!