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Red Party Bags 6pk - Shmick

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Red Party Bags 6pk

Sophisticated and adorable, these red party bags are great for Christmas and work parties.

Colour: Red 

Quantity: 6 party bags

Dimensions: 18cm height x 10cm width

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Let your hair down and go all out at the office Christmas party, yet remaining confident that you can show your face again on Monday morning. Instead of dancing uninhibitedly on the table tops or getting up to no good in the copy room, try a different tactic. Show your colleagues the respectable sort of Christmas love that everyone can talk about freely around the water cooler. Here's what to do: pack some sophisticated red party bags full to the brim with colourful sweet treats, lollies, and chocolate from Candy Bar Sydney, then leave them overflowing on the candy buffet table. The red party bags have a lovely white stitching and the capacity to hold many varieties of Christmas goodies. Allen's Jaffas, red chocolate beans, green lime acid drops, and white marshmallows, for example! Santa would definitely say you've been good this year.