Moss Chick Bird

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Moss Chick Bird

The Moss Chick Birds nestle into the gaps in your candy bar and surprise your guests with their cute appearance. They look great in a pair, or when combined with the other moss pieces.

Colour: Green

Height: 10cm

Length: 13cm

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  • Single Unit

Made FromSynthetic

The rare moss chick bird is a pleasure to spot, a challenge reserved for only the most hardcore birdwatchers. Patience, skill, and the right equipment are recommended for bird watchers hoping to catch a glimpse of this beautiful bird species. Its natural habitat is along the eastern coast of Australia, in populated urban areas of Sydney. Attracted to bright colours and the sound of laughter, the moss chick bird is typically found perched on candy bar buffet tabletops, or nestled in the branches of trees at outdoor barbecues and birthday parties, enjoying the view. Most characteristic is the typical moss bird nest, often found in close proximity. Sightings of the moss chick bird at parties and events around Sydney are celebrated. Contact the Moss Chick Bird Sighting Association at Candy Bar Sydney for future information about this rare and wonderful addition to Sydney’s natural birdlife.