Moss Bunny Rabbit (Medium)

$8.50 tax incl.

Moss Bunny Rabbit (Medium)

Colour: Green

Height: 18cm

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  • Single Unit

Made FromSynthetic

Beware of the Moss Bunny Rabbit Gang

Hippity, hoppity, cleverer than Bugs, trickier than Br’r, cuter than Thumper, even the Easter bunny’s got nothing on these bunnies. They are sold one by one. But buy one of these moss bunnies and you will want a whole gang. They’ve been crashing parties all over Australia and soaking up all the attention. These bunnies are experts at getting rid of that unwanted carrot problem that keeps sprouting up on your candy buffets. 

Dress them up with a ribbon around their necks or let them go incognito. Moss bunnies are the ‘it’ guests at any party.