Green Heart Marshmallows 1kg

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Life is fleeting and love is beautiful. Be generous with your heart and don't hold back.

Colour: Green

Quantity: Approximately 290 Green Heart Marshmallows

Weight: 1kg

Individual dimensions: 4cm x 3cm


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  • 1kg Bag
  • 6 X 1kg

Dietary NeedsGluten Free

Sometimes you have to just let your inhibitions down and tell somebody how you feel. It might be scary, confronting, or downright embarrassing, and of course there is always the risk that the feeling will not reciprocated. If you're lost for words and not sure you can get up the courage to say what you need to say face to face, Candy Bar Sydney might have a way to soften things up for you. These green heart marshmallows are warm, sweet, and generous in their sugary fluffy flavour. They say just what you've been imagining you'd say for years. Buy a big bag of green heart marshmallows and leave them somewhere for the object of your affections to discover. Be generous and don't hold back. Whether your affections are met with trepidation or a rush of elation, the marshmallow heart lollies will always be warmly received.