Blue Marshmallows 1kg

$9.95 tax incl.

They may be blue, but large blue marshmallows will make you smile. Why are sweet, soft, squishy blue marshmallows so special? Blue is the world’s favourite colour. 

Weight: 1kg

Colour: Blue

Quantity: Approximately 200 Blue Marshmallows per 1kg bag

Dimensions: 3cm x 3cm x 3cm

More details

  • 1kg Bag
  • Bulk Box 6kg

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionChristening

It is nature’s colour of our sky and oceans. Can you imagine them any other colour? Light blue is calm and relaxing and associated with healing. It is also often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is known to lower the pulse rate and body temperature. People who choose the colour blue as their favourite are said to to be open and receptive to learning new things. It is the most used colour for corporate logos, the most popular colour for clothes from blue jeans to business suits, and  53 per cent of the world’s country flags contain the colour blue. Workers are said to be at their most productive in rooms painted pale or powder blue. People talk about blueprints, singing the blues, having the blues, being blue-blooded or “once in a blue moon”. They don’t talk about redprints, having the purples, singing the oranges and being yellow-blooded! Greeks believe the colour blue wards off the “evil eye”, and this is echoed throughout Middle Eastern cultures. Blue is rarely found naturally in food, except for blueberries and some plums. But Candy Bar Sydney has 74 types of lollies coloured blue! So pop a couple of large blue marshmallows in your mouth and join the blue lollies club.