Allen's Red Frogs Alive 1.3kg

$12.95 tax incl.

Colour: Red

Flavour: Raspberry

Weight: 1.3kg

More details

  • 1.3kg Bag
  • Bulk Box - 6 Bags

Event / OccasionChristmas
Country of OriginAustralia

Ahh! They’re alive! They’re alive! There are frogs attacking your candy buffet! And they’re red. Wait. These are the same frogs from your childhood. The same frogs you hid from your parents. The same frogs you didn’t want to share. You mercilessly bit their heads off. Your siblings are still wondering where the bag of Allen’s Red Frogs Alive went. You chomped bags full of them out of existence back in the day. Now, they’re back. Only better. How are they better? Now, you’re allowed to eat the whole bag. But remember to order some for your party guests.

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