Pink Triple Hearts 1kg

$11.09 tax incl.

Give the object of your affection a triple dose of love with these sweet strawberry lollies.

Flavour: Strawberry

Colour: Pink and White

Weight: 1kg

Quantity: Approximately 208 Pink Triple Hearts per kilo

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  • 1kg Bag
  • 1kg Bag x 12

Colour Pink
Flavour Strawberry

If one heart just isn't quite enough to say what you need to say, Candy Bar Sydney has the answer. Triple hearts are a delicious triple threat in the lolly world: layer upon layer of heart-shaped strawberry gooey chewy goodness, all powdered with sugar of course. Buy the triple hearts in bulk and scatter these lovely lollies on a candy buffet table to let your guests know you care. Pop them in a pretty party bag and give them to your Valentine. If your heart is bursting with love, you could mix in a whole bunch of other heart-shaped lollies to really drive the point home: we recommend Cadbury pink chocolate hearts, pink strawberry hearts rock candy, sour peach hearts or jelly filled hearts. There's really no chance that anyone could misinterpret your heartfelt intentions.

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