Albanese Mango Gummi Bears 450g - 2.27kg

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Gummi bears have always been a special treat, and now these lollies come in tropical mango!

Flavour: Mango

Colour: Orange

Weight: 450g - 2.27kg

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  • 450g Bag
  • 2.27kg Bag

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Country of OriginUSA

A mango flavoured gummi bear? When did life become so beautiful?! Here at Candy Bar Sydney, we were already spoiled for choice when it came to Albanese gummi bears: the refreshing flavours we already know and love include green apple, blue raspberry, pineapple and pink grapefruit. But surely, no-one can turn down a sweet, succulent mango gummi bear... or ten. All in your mouth, all at once. Just one bite into the toes of these squishy little mango fellas is enough to catapult you into an unforgettable summer fruit paradise. If you want to gorge on the whole divine fruit platter, combine the Albanese mango gummi bears with their black cherry and white strawberry banana compadres. Buy these babies in bulk in a 2.3 kg bag and stuff them into glass candy jars alongside other fruity, squishy, delightful Albanese lolly pleasures.

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