Jelly Belly Ice Cream Parlour Mix Jelly Beans

$17.95 tax incl.

An ice cream lovers dream with five flavour favourites in one pack.

Flavours: Chocolate Chunk, Strawberry Sundae, Birthday Cake, Apple Pie, and Chocolate Mint


Colour: Brown, Pink, White, Yellow, Mint Green

Gluten Free!

Size: Available in 500g or 1kg bags

More details

  • 500g Bag
  • 1kg Bag
  • Bulk Box 4 x 1kg

ColourMulti Coloured
Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Country of OriginUSA

Ice cream lovers beware! The devilish wizards at Jelly Belly have managed to combine two of your favourite sweets – chewy jelly beans and luscious ice cream – in one wondrous treat. Even better, each bag contains five different ice cream-inspired flavours including chocolate chunk, strawberry sundae, birthday cake, apple pie, and chocolate mint. Did you just get chills from reading that? Well no need to put on a sweater because Ice Cream Parlour Mix Jelly Beans pack in all that ice cream flavour in a chewy, jelly bean treat.

Jelly Belly is known for creating unique jelly beans that are true to taste. Ice Cream Parlour Mix Jelly Beans don’t disappoint. Each flavour is surprisingly complex and delivers notes of sweet vanilla icing, spicy cinnamon, fudgy brownie, cheesecake, and juicy apples. Savour one bean individually or combine them for tongue-popping flavour sensations. Plus these lollies are wonderfully fresh with an excellent chew. If you’re addicted to ice cream prepare to meet your new sweets craving – Ice Cream Parlour Mix Jelly Beans.

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