Green Shimmer Gumballs 450g

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Hey, didn't mum always say you had to eat your greens?

Colour: Shimmer Green

Flavour: Bubblegum

Weight: 450g

Quantity: Approximately 55 Green Shimmer Gumballs

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  • 450g Bag

Event / OccasionChristmas
Country of OriginUSA

Remember how mum always used to insist that you ate your greens at the dinner table? You can still hear her words lingering in your ears: "eat your greens and then you can have some ice-cream." Groan. It was either peas or beans or brussel sprouts. You pierced the peas one by one on your fork and took your sweet time just to be annoying. Every kid knows that eating your greens is part of growing up, but that doesn't mean we have to like it! Well Candy Bar Sydney has the perfect comeback for mum when she nags you. Pop a perfect Green Shimmer Gumball in your mouth and chew to your heart's content. The Green Shimmer Gumball are out-of-this-world green, they sort of glow with greenness. They taste amazing - a veritable explosion of juicy bubblegum flavour that lasts. They're green, right? Mum can hardly complain about that.