Blue Gumballs 450g

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Imagine swimming and frolicking in a sea of blue gumballs

Colour: Mid Blue

Flavour: Bubblegum

Weight: 450g

Quantity: Approximately 55 gumballs

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  • 450g Bag

Event / OccasionChristening
Country of OriginUSA

If you were super lucky, mum and dad took you to a kid's playtime paradise for your birthday. All around the place were flashing lights, colours, and a cacophony of sounds; beeping and buzzing, music and laughter. Smack bang in the middle of the floor stood the coolest thing ever: a big playground packed with hundreds and hundreds of coloured balls. You could roll around in them,  hide your little sister under a big pile of them, or pelt them at your friends. Imagine if they were actually Blue Gumballs. That would have been super exciting, because then you wouldn't just be swimming in them, you'd be stuffing the Blue Gumballs greedily into your mouth as well, and seeing who could blow the biggest bubbles! Well, Candy Bar Sydney is a bit like a kid's candy wonderland, and we've got plenty of Blue Gumballs, so knock yourself out.