Orange Shimmer Gumballs 450g

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Experience a supernatural orange shimmer and an ethereal burst of flavour.

Colour: Shimmer Orange

Flavour: Bubblegum

Weight: 450g

Quantity: Approximately 55 Orange Shimmer Gumballs

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  • Single Unit

Event / OccasionHalloween
Country of OriginUSA

The glow of the Orange Shimmer Gumballs is a little bit unsettling in its beauty. These strange and fascinating bubble gum wonders will mesmerize you with their slightly alien orange shimmer. You might be reminded of planets, of faraway galaxies, of spectral phenomenon and unworldly life forms. But the real surprise is what happens when you bite into the centre of the Orange Shimmer Gumballs. The shiny surface of this unique sweet treat cannot fully prepare you for the flavour explosion. It's like a meteor shower inside your mouth. Volcanoes will erupt, earthquakes will shatter in the deserts and stars and planets will experience massive cosmic explosions. But even after all that, not even a supernova can prepare you for the magnificent force of a bubble from the Orange Shimmer Gumballs. It's so intense, we can't even describe it. Head down to Candy Bar Sydney and find out for yourself.