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Red Rock Candy Crystal Stick

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This exotic red treat looks like it's been carved out of a rock formation on Mars.

Colour: Red

Flavour: Strawberry

Length: 17cm

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  • Bulk 144 Pack
  • 1 Crystal Stick

Event / OccasionChristmas
Gluten FreeYes
Nut FreeYes

There are millions of planets, stars, and galaxies floating around in that universe of ours. And perhaps one of the most fascinating is the red planet, Mars, situated a mere 56 million kilometres away from earth. Candy Bars have been named after it. NASA has just launched another mission which is due to land on Mars in September 2014. What will they discover? Well, Candy Bar Sydney would like to think that a friendly astronaut might discover Martian candy hidden in the deep crevices. Should the astronauts discover red lollies on Mars, we'd like to believe it would look a bit like the Red Rock Candy Crystal Sticks. These babies taste like strawberry, and look like they've been fashioned out of a crater on Mars. If the astronauts are super nice, they might bring back some Red Rock Candy Crystal Sticks for everyone to try!