Purple Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

$18.95 tax incl.

Follow in the footsteps of Roman emperors and choose purple for honour and exclusivity.

Colour: Purple

Flavour: Cadbury Chocolate

Weight: 500g

Quantity: Approxiately 50 Purple Hearts

Also available in a bulk 5kg box containing approximately 500 chocolate hearts.

More details

  • 500g Bag
  • 5kg Bulk Box

Country of OriginAustralia
Chocolate Melts UsedCadbury Chocolate
Chocolate TypeMilk Chocolate

In ancient Rome, you could distinguish an emperor by the exclusive purple toga he wore, adorned with rich golden embroidery. This colour was so intensely coveted, it led to death and destruction: the King of Mauritania had the unfortunate fate of being murdered because he wore a purple mantle that was more elaborate than that of the Emperor Caligula. Nasty Nero even said that anyone else who tried to wear purple would be punished by death. Luckily for us here at Candy Bar Sydney, we don't live in ancient Roman times anymore. In contemporary south-East Australian culture, you can wear, or eat, whatever you choose. So as a cheeky tribute to the grand emperors of past eras, we've stocked the Purple Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate because purple is the colour of royalty, honour, and exclusivity. And your guests deserve that and more.

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