Powder Blue Shimmer Sixlets 907g

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Glorious and shiny, the blue shimmer sixlets put the glamour back into candy.

Colour: Powder Blue Shimmer

Flavour: Chocolate but made from carob

Weight: 907g

Quantity: Approximately 570 Powder Blue Shimmer Sixlets per 500g

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  • 907g Bag
  • Bulk Box 6 x 907g

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionChristening
Country of OriginUSA

Candy as a fashion accessory? At Candy Bar Sydney, we'd never really thought about it like that, until we stumbled across the glamorous blue shimmer sixlets. Minds. Blown. These little balls of shiny perfection are works of art, almost too cool to eat with their delicious blue shade and shimmering sheen. Pair them with your shiny blue nail polish and a tie a blue silk ribbon in your hair, or they might actually overpower your carefully prepared outfit with their stylish shimmer. Thread a few on a piece of string and wear them proudly around your wrist or neck like beads (careful, they might melt in the Aussie sun!) Attach them artfully to your favourite hat or handbag for a blue shimmer accessory sensation. Or you could just eat them. Did we mention that they taste amazing?