Le Gateau Large Pedestal White By Rosanna

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Le Gateau Large Pedestal White By Rosanna

Be overtaken with French culinary passion and serve your desserts on a Le Gateau Large Pedestal.

Dimensions: 14.5cm tall

Serving surface is 30cm in diameter

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  • Single Unit

Made FromCeramic
Event / OccasionWedding

Here’s a list of gateaux that will look fabulous when set upon a Le Gateau Large Pedestal in White by Rosanna. 1. Coffee Cream Crepe Cake with Hazelnut Pralines. 2. Parisian macaroons filled with chocolate and raspberry ganache. 3. Salted Caramel Croquembouche with Cream of Ricotta. 4. Apple Tarte Tatin. 5. Canneles Bordelais. 6. Tarte au fromage blanc. 7. Genois mocha cake with coffee buttercream. 8. French white chocolate opera cake. 9. Blueberry Gateau. 10. Pont Neuve Gateau. Sacre bleu, the thought of these delicious desserts served on a platter fit for royalty is taking control of my senses! I must race to Candy Bar Sydney at once and purchase a Le Gateau Large Pedestal by Rosanna, and then I must make exquisite French cakes, one after the other, until I collapse in an exhausted heap on my kitchen floor, buttercream traces on my cheek and flour in my hair. Adieu!