Sweetworld Sherbet Lollipops 200

$24.50 tax incl.

What makes Sweetworld sherbet lollipops so fizzy, anyway? Keep reading and find out.

Colour: Pastel

Flavour: Sherbet

Weight: 1.6kg

Quantity: 200 Sherbet Lollipops

Individually wrapped

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  • Bulk 6 Jars
  • 1 Jar

ColourMulti Coloured

Candy Bar Sydney could tell you the real reason why Sweetworld Sherbet Lollipops are so incredibly fizzy. We could mention the scientific properties of the edible acidic base in all sherbet lollies that reacts with moisture to create an effervescent effect. But how boring is that! We'd prefer to believe that the fizzy quality in the Sweetworld Sherbet Lollipops is the result of a complex and delicious magical powder used by wizards and fairies to ward off goblins. If you're a goblin, we'd advise you to steer well clear of sherbet lollipops. But if you're not, you have nothing to worry about! Not only does the magical dust contain extra-special vitamins and minerals to make fairies fly higher, there's a powerful and particularly tasty ingredient in sherbet lollipops that actually gives you X-ray vision. But only for a second! So you better by a whole pack.