White Chocolate Raspberries 1kg

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Raspberry Jelly Lollies covered in white chocolate. The jelly lolly that leaves your mom’s fresh-baked raspberry treats in the dust.

Flavour: White chocolate and raspberry

Colour: White

Weight: 1kg

Quantity: Approximately 130 White Chocolate Raspberries

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  • 8kg
  • 1kg

Event / OccasionWedding
Country of OriginAustralia

There’s nothing like a fresh just off the vine raspberry. On hot summer days, didn’t you love dodging those blasted thorns to pick sun-ripened berries? Whether you were picking for a jam or a fresh pie, it’s likely more ended up in your mouth than in the basket. There was no lying about it either—that tell-tale red tongue gave away all. Well, while we love a good fresh berry we never mind adding a little chocolate to the mix. White Chocolate Raspberries give you that fresh berry flavour but enrobed in creamy white chocolate. These lollies are filled with sweet red raspberry jelly which pairs nicely with lots of to-die-for choco. You’re going to find it hard to resist this sweet pairing. They’re also made right here in Australia. So while we wouldn’t want to compete with mom’s raspberry pie or preserves, we’re willing to bet that these lollies will become a new tradition at your home.

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