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Allen's Cobbers 1.8kg

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Cobbers stick with you no matter what. These ones don't even mind if you eat them.

Colour: Milk Chocolate

Flavour: Caramel and Milk Chocolate

Weight: 1.8kg

Quantity: Approximately 320 Allen's Cobbers

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  • 1.8kg Box
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Country of OriginAustralia

Definition of a true blue Aussie cobber: a mate or a friend, but also used as a common friendly greeting for a stranger, e.g. "'Ay cobber, hand us the pack of Allens Cobbers please!" Dating back to colonial times, the term might have even been derived from the Suffolk dialect of the 1890's, where the word "cob" meant to take a liking to somebody. Fact of the matter is, a cobber is a bit of alright, a buddy, a friend, someone who is great to have around. Well, we'll tell you what, at Candy Bar Sydney, we think the Allens Cobbers are tops as well, and we love having them around. They're little squares of chewy caramel interior covered in milk chocolate. They don't even seem to mind when we eat them one after the other. Now that's a true friend indeed.