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Chocolate Honeycomb 1kg

$11.50 tax incl.

The combination of sticky-sweet comb and melting chocolate will satisfy your kiddie craving.

Flavour: Milk Chocolate and Honeycomb

Colour: Brown

Weight: 1kg

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  • 1kg Bag
  • Bulk Box 9kg


We know it’s dangerous to have obsessions but how can you resist the irresistible combo of pure creamy milk chocolate and mouth-watering honeycomb? The crackling crunchiness of honeycomb is something many of us will remember with glee from our childhoods—the meltiness of the chocolate on our fingers, the sticky-sweet comb inside. There was something about the lightness of the comb and the heaviness of the rich chocolate that had us craving more, more, more. Chocolate Honeycomb will satisfy your craving and make you happier than a tot in a penny candy store. Indulge that sweet kiddie craving with Chocolate Honeycomb 1kg or make things even more decadent by crumbling them over chocolate buttercream frosted cupcakes. They’re also great mixed in with a creamy cheesecake on top of a cookie crust. Divine!