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Lindt is a brand that evokes Swiss quality, noblesse, and mouthwatering deliciousness. Who doesn’t swoon and salivate at the thought of a Lindt chocolate ball? They’re especially irresistible when kept at just the right temperature so that the creamy chocolate filling explodes on your tongue. Established in 1845 in old Zürich town, the company was first known as Confiserie Sprüngli and later merged together with Rodolphe Lindt’s renowed chocolate factory from the Swiss town of Bern. Austrian, Italian, and American influences followed as the company acquired Hofbauer Österreich, Caffarel, and Ghirardelli in the 1990’s. Lindt Australia was established in 1997 and took the country by storm. The product that put Lindt on the map is the “Lindor”, delectable Lindt chocolate Lindor balls with a hard shell and a creamy truffle filling. Lindt balls come in a whole variety of flavours and colours, including all sorts of seasonal assortments. The classic is the red milk chocolate variety, closely followed by the dark and white chocolate varieties and the copper coloured hazelnut balls. On special occasions such as in Spring and at Christmas time, watch out for cinnamon, stracciatella, lemon, and marc de champagne Lindt chocolate flavours. Peppermint is a limited edition favourite, and other flavours include sea salt, caramel, orange, and strawberries and cream. Not only are Lindt balls highly desired gifts and extremely attractive with their shiny wrappers and beautiful boxes, they are unique, exquisite, and truly heavenly to consume. Preferably one after the other while taking a hot bath. Lindt chocolate balls are highly coveted at Christmas, frequently offered as birthday and thank you gifts, and showed off on candy buffets at weddings. At Easter, the world explodes with a festive celebration of Lindt Easter chocolates, including the classic Lindt Gold Bunny, generally recognized as the perfect decoration for every guest at your Easter table. Don’t forget the enormous variety of Lindt Easter eggs and tasty Swiss chocolate treats. At Candy Bar Sydney, we’ve got delightful Lindt chocolate Easter surprises in store, including white chocolate eggs, Hen Eggs, Mini Chicks, Carrots, and Mini Gold Bunnies.

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