Kingsway Purple Blackcurrant Bon Bons 1kg - 3kg

$14.49 tax incl.

Chewy lollies covered in a fine icing dust. Get taken back to childhood summers with Sydney's berry best bon bon.

Flavour: Blackcurrant

Weight: 1kg 

Quantity: Approximately 250 Purple Blackcurrant Bon Bons per kg

Please note: this is a new recipe and bon bons are quite soft. They don't have a perfect round shape however can be shaped back into balls if need be. 

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  • 1kg Bag
  • 3kg Bag

Dietary NeedsNut Free
Country of OriginUK

Remember those hot summer days when mum made a cool refreshing drink and we all sat out on the patio or played naked under the sprinkler? Tangy blackcurrant juice in a big glass apothecary drinks dispenser, with extra ice, right? When temperatures soared, there was nothing better. Candy Bar Sydney invites you to revisit the fresh and zesty flavour of the blackcurrant once more. The purple blackcurrant bon bons by Kingsway are a bite-sized morsel of intense blackcurrant, a force to be reckoned with. The intensity of flavour is equal to that of grandma's prize-winning blackcurrant jam, or mum's summer blackcurrant punch. If you're a fan of the humble blackcurrant, pop into Candy Bar Sydney and pick up a pack of purple blackcurrant bon bons by Kingsway. Then get your gear off and run through the sprinkler for old time's sake.