A Sparkling Wedding Candy Buffet for a Glamorous Bride

Wedding candy buffet
The sparkling wedding candy buffet included personalised chocolates

Delicate shades of peach and lots of silver flashes with a touch of gold made for a sensational sparkling wedding candy buffet table. Thanh Tranh of Sweet Event Styling shows us the glitzy results.

What was the occasion you were celebrating?
It was a beautiful wedding.

Where did you have the candy buffet?
In the Macquarie Room at Paradiso in Liverpool.

Sparkling wedding candy buffet
Hershey’s Nuggets and Kisses for extra sparkle

What was the theme or colour scheme you chose for the candy buffet?
The bride wanted something glamourous and elegant, option for shades of silver and peach.

Toffee Bon Bons
Toffee Bon Bons dolled up with an antique brooch accessory and peach coloured ribbon.

Which were your favourite lollies on the candy buffet table?
The chewy toffee bon bons and the acid props were my favourites, and they didn’t last long.

Sparkling wedding candy buffet
Silver and peach macarons complement the glitzy sequined tablecloth

What did you like most about the candy bar?
I really liked the silver sequined table cloth. It added plenty of glamour and sparkle to the whole occasion.

Concept styling/setup; printables; graphic designs; floral arrangements; photography by: Sweet Event Styling by Thanh

Cupcakes by: Lil Sister Twee

Lollies: Candy Bar Sydney

Macarons by: Annie Le

Sparkling wedding candy buffet
Toffee Bon Bons, White and Orange Fizzoes, Milk Bottles, White Pineapple Acid Drops
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