Green and Blue Christening Candy Buffet at St George Motor Boat Club


What event was the candy buffet celebrating and where was it held?

This green and blue candy buffet was created lovingly for Elias who was celebrating his Christening. Elias’ mum Stephanie runs a wedding car business called Broadway Wedding Car Hire – they have gorgeous classic collection of wedding cars. Stephanie chose to celebrate the Christening at the St George Motor Boat Club.

What was the colour scheme or theme?

There are plenty of blue and white candy christening candy buffets out there at the moment so we wanted to add a colour that would make this candy buffet stand out from the crowd without making it appear too busy. The green was a lovely touch and it meant that the pom Poms we used tied in perfectly!

How many guests did this candy buffet cater for?

There were 90 guests who attended Elias’ christening.

What lollies were used?

Below is a list of the blue lollies that were used:

  • Blueberry Clouds
  • Blue Mini Jelly Beans
  • Blue & White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop
  • Tutti Frutti Lollipops in Blue

Green Lollies:

  • Haribo Green Frogs
  • Allen’s Pineapples
  • Mini Green Gourmet Jelly Beans
  • Green & White Swirl Lollipops

White Lollies:

  • Allen’s Milk Bottles
  • Milky Buds
  • Raspberry Bullets

We also added pastel green and blue cake pops and cupcakes.

What decorations did you use on the candy buffet?

One big request by our client was to make great use of pom poms so we made sure to have the biggest we could possibly find! Martha Stewart makes a fantasitc set of pom poms, you can see them up close here:

We also tied in the birdcages with pillar candles and personalised the table by using Elias’s name in white wooden letters.


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