The Rocky Road House is a home-grown Aussie-run enterprise, and to make the story even more warm and fuzzy, it's the story of a mum simply looking out for her daughter. Danielle Proctor's little girl had so many food allergies, it was impossible to find a suitable sweet treat on the shelves of the supermarket. Her daughter's penchant for marshmallows and chocolates meant that rocky road was a desirable choice, but traditional rocky road desserts are usually crammed with nuts. Danielle took matters into her own hands and developed recipes for gluten free, egg free, peanut free rocky road cakes. Naturally, the cakes were a hit in Australian schools and on Christmas tables, and the orders came rolling in. Today, Danielle's products are award-winning: beautifully packaged rocky road chocolate bars and Easter bunnies, all bearing adorable names. Instead of nuts, the Rocky Road House packs their rocky road recipe with crunchy puffed corn, and believe us when we say that the crunch factor is considerable. The chocolate coated chunk of genius has certainly come a long way since the traditional rocky road ice cream recipe of yesteryear. Browse the Rocky Road House collection for fun and fabulous flavours like Honeycomb Crunch Crescent, White Cranberry Close, Peppermint Place and Salted Caramel Corner.

 The Rocky Road House

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    The Salted Caramel Corner rocky road bar ticks all the boxes. It's the trifecta: flavour, texture and good looks. Flavour: Fluffy marshmallow pieces, puffed corn & coconut smothered with creamy salted caramel milk confection Weight: 200g Also available in a bulk pack of 8 x 200g Gluten free, egg free and peanut free!

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