Allen's All About Red 170g

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Everyone knows that when the bag of lollies gets tossed around, everyone covets the red ones. Especially if it's an Allen's lover, a red snake supporter or a raspberry rallier, the fact is, red lollies are tastier. And they go faster, too, that's for sure: if you're not first in line for the bag of candy, they'll probably all be gone by the time you get there. Not anymore! Allen's realised how insanely popular red lollies are and they developed a sensational party mix to please everyone. At our Sydney candy warehouse, you'll now find frogs, snakes, raspberries, lips and jelly babies, all in that tantalising shade of red, all in the one packet. There's no need to knock down the other kids (or adults!) to be first in line for the lolly bag anymore. Introducing Allen's All About Red.

Specifications for Allen's All About Red 170g

Brand Allens Lollies - Australian lollies
Colour Red
Flavour Raspberry
Country of Origin Australia
Size 170g Bag