Every year, another birthday. And every year, the obligatory photo with the birthday cake. You sit still, smile and try not to fidget. And while eager adults pose the perfect photo for the Insta feed, all the kids are thinking "let this be done so we can just eat the cake, already!" Actually, many of the adults at the party are thinking that too. But years from now, you'll scroll nostalgically through the cloud-based collection, seeing one perfectly poised photo for each year of your glorious life after another. Chronologically sorted with a handy and very glamorous number cake topper. It won't matter who made the cake or even who ate it, though hopefully you were involved in the latter. It won't matter if you were 9 or 109. This lolly warehouse has number cake toppers to facilitate the storytelling and the nostalgia. You'll understand when you're older.

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