Candy Bar Sydney At Home

Dessert is the best meal of the day. No matter how much dinner you’ve had, there is always room for a couple of mouthfuls of something sweet and exciting. So its not surprising that for many, the desert table at a wedding, christening or birthday is a highlight; something to look forward to as a treat. A candy buffet builds on this sense of occasion to add style and creativity to your desert table, adding that extra special touch.

At Candy Bar Sydney, we create fully customised candy buffets to match your event, theme and colour scheme. Working together with you, we piece together decorations, lolly choice and accessories to create the perfect representation of you and your event. 

If you would prefer to buy your own glass candy jars, decorations and lollies, to build your own candy buffet, we have all the candy buffet supplies you could possibly need. We’re always searching for the latest and greatest ranges of goods for our candy buffets and we make these available to you instantly through the Candy Bar Shop. 

Want to do it yourself, but need a little help? We are always available to help you create your masterpiece, either by Live Chat via the website, phone, email or in person if you would like to visit the warehouse. 

For candy buffet businesses looking for access to great products at wholesale prices, we invite you to apply via our contact us page.