Frozen parties here to stay


The magic of Frozen is more than a hit billion-dollar movie. Its longevity has almost taken it to that rare stratospheric status of Children’s Classic. Loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Snow Queen, it was Disney-fied with a cast of quirky, feisty characters and memorable songs. The enduring power of Frozen has […]

Perfectly pink 21st birthday candy buffet

21st birthday candy buffet

A very important birthday looked oh-so-pretty in myriad shades of pink, designed by a lucky young lady’s Aunty Meagan for the special day. Meagan used Candy Teeth and Musk Sticks, Pink and White Large Marshmallows, Pink Cadbury Chocolate Hearts, also very sophisticated Cherry Bon Bons and Light Pink Rocky Candy Crystal Sticks, Pink and White […]

Pink Candy Buffet for 2 Sweet Little Girls


Today we bring you a deliciously pink candy buffet created by one of our customers Vicki. We love the tones of pink that have been used and all the different sweets that made this creation so spectacular. From pink lemonade to red velvet cupcakes, squishy marshmallows and let’s not forget the ombre birthday cakes! What […]

Ninja Turtles candy bar for a boy’s birthday

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What was the occasion you were celebrating? A Ninja Turtles inspired party for our friend Jai who turned five. Where did you have the Ninja Turtles candy bar for a boy’s birthday? The party was in the back yard at Wyee on the Central Coast. All the lollies were from Candy Bar Sydney. All cakes, […]

Tiarna’s Frozen candy buffet

Frozen candy buffet

The popularity of a Frozen candy buffet theme for birthdays continues to be hot, hot hot! Tammy from Teeps Treats shows you how she created this magical candy bar for Tiarna’s birthday party. What was the occasion you were celebrating? A birthday party in a backyard on the Central Coast for a young girl that […]