Gender Reveal Cakes – Baby Shower Ideas


Can You Keep a Secret?

Props to you if you can keep a secret! When you know something incredible and you have to hold onto it, you’re just bursting to tell anyone who will listen! When it comes to the gender of a baby, there are several ways that mums and dads can go about things. You can refuse to find out altogether and wait for the blessed day. You can get your doctor to write it in a greeting card and give it to you to open together at the appropriate moment. Or you can let go of all self-control and demand to be told at once! Whichever way you go about it, once you know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, it’s time to prepare the perfect baby shower to celebrate.

Gender Reveal Cakes: The Sweetest Surprise

There aren’t too many surprises left in life, and this one is an absolute cracker. Here’s a delicious way to reveal the news of the year. It’s adorable from all angles. Gender reveal cakes are creamy, gooey, gorgeous, and mysterious. They hold your secret for you with style and beauty. Here’s a stunning creation from Classic Cake Creations, with two perfectly formed fondant shoes on top. The colour of the frosting inside reveals the gender. Alternatively, try a gender-neutral coloured buttercream frosting and then cut into the first slice for an avalanche of chocolate buttons in your colour of choice – bouncing baby boy blue or perfect pink. You can even make the sponge into a blue or pink layered wonder, like this pink rainbow cake with Swiss meringue frosting. Two-tier cakes can be intricately decorated with pink and blue fondant decals, like this adorable elephant cake from Dantjes taarten. There are so many wonderful sweet ways to honour your baby boy or girl at the baby shower, and we are in love with gender reveal cakes – a sweet and delectable surprise to share with your brand new family and your delighted baby shower guests.

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