Styling cupcakes and cake decorating with Persian Fairy Floss

Pashmak, or Persian fairy floss, is your new best friend in the kitchen, and dessert aficionados worldwide are catching on. We’ve noticed a surge of truly creative cupcake stylings using Persian fairy floss as an eye-catching topper. We’ve also seen it draped generously on contemporary desserts in Sydney’s finest dining establishments.

Pariya cake decorating collage

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What makes this delicacy so special is its fine woollen texture and distinctive flavour. Originating in Yazd, the same Iranian city known for its baklava, Pashmak’s Persian flair takes the candy floss you know and love away from the carnival and transports it instead to upmarket garden parties and exclusive weddings. In homes around the world, you’ll find Australia’s most flamboyant kitchen connoisseurs doing amazing things with Pashmak atop cakes, cocktails, profiteroles and puddings, and all just in time for Christmas.

Chocolate and rosewater mousse with rose pashmak

The finely hand spun sugar and sesame gives pashmak its own special texture. It melts in your mouth just as your garden-variety fairy floss does, but with an extra je ne sais quoi – plus, it is well suited to styling and shaping. When combined with a butter cream frosting and a super moist cupcake, this highly sensual texture threesome is a sweet experience like no other. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, sprinkle pistachio nuts liberally on top like in this exotic example from Salts and Sweets.

Pashmak is surprisingly versatile. We particularly love these Cosmopolitan jelly shots by Polka Dot Made that use vanilla pashmak and red jello to create a Christmas party sensation. Try the chocolate variety atop milkshakes or creamy cocktails. The exotic orange blossom and yellow saffron fairy floss are the perfect colours with which to top your New Year’s Eve party punch – for a Midas touch, try spraying with a touch of edible gold.

Naturally, your Christmas pavlova is a must-have on the dessert table, and pashmak is deliciously compatible with meringue. Top the pav with pistachio flavoured Persian fairy floss in a gorgeous mint green and add lashings of passionfruit, or go for an exotic wildflower and dark cherry creation: see this beauty from Finch and Forest for some black forest inspiration.

Pariya is Australia’s leading supplier of Persian culinary treats to Sydney restaurants and retailers, and they’ve got pashmak in six divine flavours and colours: rose, pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, orange blossom and yellow saffron. It’s not just delightful to look at, it’s also beautifully packaged. Visit our online candy store to find out more about Pariya and pashmak.

Mini chocolate cake with Persian Fairy Floss and a Jaffa

Green and Gold, Sweet and Delicious: Happy Australia Day!

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Get The Look - Pineapple Australia DayAs this fine nation of ours prepares for its national holiday, an important question sits on the tips of our tongues and plagues our consciences for weeks leading up to the day.

Barbie, beach or backyard?

We all have different ways of acknowledging the anniversary of when the First Fleet arrived in Port Jackson way back in 1788. Mainly, it involves soaking up the sun and stuffing your face. There are cockroach races in Brisbane, thong throwing competitions in Melbourne and citizenship ceremonies all across the country. For 2016, Candy Bar Sydney has chosen to tip our hats to friends in Queensland and pay tribute to the pineapple. Here’s a Straya Day first: a sweet, juicy and truly unforgettable pineapple themed Australia Day party.

Sweet and Delicious, Green and Gold

It’s true that the pineapple has long been associated with fun, artisanship and lavish hospitality. But more than that, it also has a very special place in our Aussie culture. The tropical wonder-fruit was introduced to our land in the 1830’s by German travellers via India, and soon pineapple plantations started popping up all over Brisbane. In time, Australia became a major player in the pineapple field (so to speak).

Our Straya Day Pineapple Party Vision

Bowling for pineapples

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We have a cool and crazy vision we’d love to help you realise. We see you and your friends taking part in a friendly game of pineapple bowling, either in the park, on the beach, or in your back yard, wherever takes your fancy. There’s chilled out music pumping from the stereo: perhaps Pineapple Head by Crowded House or oh, we don’t know, some obscure hit about getting caught in the rain.

Pineapple floral arrangement

(Photo found on

We see apothecary jars brimming with cold tropical refreshments like pineapple party punch, pina coladas, and of course, pineapple mojitos.  Your party tables are decorated with home-made pineapple floral arrangements and piled with tropical sweet and savoury delicacies (read on for inspiration!) and there’s that sugary masterpiece, the centre of attention: a pineapple themed candy buffet. We’ve got a list of some fabulous accessories that will make your pineapple party explode with awesomeness.

Pineapple Candy Buffet

(Photo found at

Pineapple Paper Napkins

Pineapple Paper Napkins

Once you’ve fired up the barbie, get some prawn and pineapple skewers going and serve them on groovy Sunnylife pineapple paper napkins. Follow up with Hawaiian mini pizzas and pineapple cake pops. Ten extra party points if you can fold your napkins into little origami pineapples before everyone sits down to eat. Well OK, we’d settle for a palm tree.

Allen’s Pineapples

You can’t have a pineapple themed candy buffet without these classic treats from Allen’s. Pair them on the candy bar with other tangy treats such as Pascall’s Pineapple Lumps, Sour Mango & Pineapple Blowpipe Bites and Pineapple Gummi Bears. If you just HAPPEN to be making pineapple cupcakes with buttercream frosting for the occasion, pop a cheeky Allen’s Pineapple on top of each one.

Pineapple Paper Plates

Pineapple Paper Plates

Naturally, at your pineapple party there will be a large array of exotic gourmet treats. What about pineapple salsa with tortilla chips (served saucily in a shelled-out pineapple, of course), Bundy rum-soaked grilled pineapple, sweet and sour meatballs, fried rice with ginger pineapple chicken and pineapple popcorn? You’ll need jaunty plates upon which to serve your tropical treats. These pineapple plates scream “Happy Australia Day“ in the brightest, sunniest yellow imaginable. They also come in cool watermelon.

Pineapple Paper Decorations

Pineapple Paper Decorations

No-one will have any trouble spotting where the party’s at with rows of perky pineapples lining the trees at your picnic location. You could mark off your party territory on the beach with these beauties lining the sand. Alternatively, hang them from the walls with wild abandon.

Pineapple Wooden Cutlery

Pineapple Wooden Cutlery

Abandon the cheap plastic party forks and go for classy wooden cutlery instead. Here’s an idea – a pineapple palm tree swimming with colourful tropical fruit, all cut up into bite sized pieces. Scatter pineapple forks all around your fruit display and your guests will gather and graze accordingly.

Pineapple Ice Cube Trays

Pineapple Ice Cube Trays

You COULD send someone out to the local servo on an ice run just hours before the party is due to begin. Or you could take your sweet time and go for pineapple shaped ice cubes to complement your pineapple themed party beverages. After all, it’s the details that matter.

Palm Tree Drink Stirrer

Palm Tree Drink Stirrers

Can you hear the faint calypso in the distance? Troppo swizzle sticks such as these have a knack for making your party feel like a tropical island holiday. Luckily we’ve got palm tree drink stirrers in stock to match your green and gold gala celebration. Pop them into your pineapple mojitos or pine-passionfruit party punch. Alternatively, thread them with olives and serve them as appetizers.

Pineapple and Watermelon Coasters

Pineapple and Watermelon Coasters

Any respectable pineapple party should have a decent pina colada, right? You can pep it up with mint sprigs or even throw some passionfruit seeds in for extra texture. For the designated drivers, add plenty of sweet pineapple slices to your chilled water. Serve your drinks in mason jars and scatter plenty of pineapple and watermelon coasters around the place to protect your precious party tabletops in tropical style.

Pineapple Drink Dispenser

(Photo found on

Once the pineapple party gets underway, take a step back, grab yourself a mojito, give it a good swizzle and, well, bottoms up! We’d love to see photos of your painstaking pineapple party preparation. Happy Australia Day from all of us here!

Blue and Green Baby Shower by A to D Sweet Celebrations

This candy buffet submission from Amanda at A to D Sweet Celebrations was greeted with choruses of “awwww” from the staff at the warehouse. Aside from the painstaking arrangement of single colour lollies in lovely glass jars, it’s the backdrop that got our attention. How gorgeous! Amanda shows what’s possible with a bunch of pom poms, an assortment of accordion lanterns, and a whole lotta creativity!

If you’d like to submit your candy buffet, please send through photos to We love seeing our bulk lollies and themed party supplies used in the most colourful and creative of ways!


What was the occasion you were celebrating?

A lovely ladies baby shower.

Where did you have the candy buffet?

In a marquee, in the front yard of the couple’s home in South West Sydney.

What was the theme or colour scheme you chose for your candy buffet?

Lime green and blue

Which were your favourite lollies?

I liked them all, they all played their part… the most popular by far were the blueberry clouds and the green gummi bears.

What did you like most about the candy bar?

The colour balance, the backdrop, and how happy my client was with the finished display.




Gender Reveal Cakes – Baby Shower Ideas


Can You Keep a Secret?

Props to you if you can keep a secret! When you know something incredible and you have to hold onto it, you’re just bursting to tell anyone who will listen! When it comes to the gender of a baby, there are several ways that mums and dads can go about things. You can refuse to find out altogether and wait for the blessed day. You can get your doctor to write it in a greeting card and give it to you to open together at the appropriate moment. Or you can let go of all self-control and demand to be told at once! Whichever way you go about it, once you know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, it’s time to prepare the perfect baby shower to celebrate.

Gender Reveal Cakes: The Sweetest Surprise

There aren’t too many surprises left in life, and this one is an absolute cracker. Here’s a delicious way to reveal the news of the year. It’s adorable from all angles. Gender reveal cakes are creamy, gooey, gorgeous, and mysterious. They hold your secret for you with style and beauty. Here’s a stunning creation from Classic Cake Creations, with two perfectly formed fondant shoes on top. The colour of the frosting inside reveals the gender. Alternatively, try a gender-neutral coloured buttercream frosting and then cut into the first slice for an avalanche of chocolate buttons in your colour of choice – bouncing baby boy blue or perfect pink. You can even make the sponge into a blue or pink layered wonder, like this pink rainbow cake with Swiss meringue frosting. Two-tier cakes can be intricately decorated with pink and blue fondant decals, like this adorable elephant cake from Dantjes taarten. There are so many wonderful sweet ways to honour your baby boy or girl at the baby shower, and we are in love with gender reveal cakes – a sweet and delectable surprise to share with your brand new family and your delighted baby shower guests.


Whimsical and Beautiful Balloons on your Wedding Day

When your parents got married it was all about ivory chair covers and flower centre pieces. Today, big bright bunches of festive balloons are in. When it comes to decorating the reception venue on your wedding day, your choices are endless. The party balloon selection out there for weddings is truly inspiring – whatever atmosphere you’re hoping to create on the day, you’ll find a great way to enchant and surprise your guests. We love this glamorous display as a classy way to shout it from the hilltops: enormous golden foil balloons that spell out LOVE (because that’s what it’s all about after all!), framed by a generous bunch of black, gold, and pearl shimmer balloons.


Found on

The gold and silver foil LOVE balloons are particularly versatile: you can use them to make your wedding cake display or dessert buffet pop, or simply hang them in the air above the place where you and your partner will be exchanging vows. Just wait until you see the magical photos afterwards.


Found on Ruffled

For a warm and elegant vibe, gold balloons matched with clear latex ones look fabulous, particularly with the party lights and candles flickering all around. You can even use gold foil number balloons to let your guests know their table numbers at the reception venue, like these folks did.

Foil balloon table number

Found on

Then, of course, there are the heart shaped balloons, best displayed in big bunches of bold colours wherever you want the world to know you’re in love. These beauties look great on the beach, in the garden, or right above the dance floor. At Candy Bar Sydney, we’ve got them in pink, silver, pearl light blue, lavender, gold, sapphire, or ruby.

Whatever your colour scheme, you can tape balloons of just about any colour and size to the wall behind your gift table for an affordable and unique modern arthouse look. Add stars and streamers or even greeting cards to the ends of helium balloons floating on the ceiling so that they drift gently downwards, giving your guests the impression that they’re walking through some sort of gorgeous wedding wonderland.

Found on

Pastel balloon

Found on

Candy Bar Sydney is mad about balloons, and we set about stocking up on as many beautiful colours, shapes, and materials that we possible could. As a result, our selection of party and wedding balloons is immense. We have latex balloons in every colour imaginable, including shades like robins egg blue, rose, spring lilac, emerald, and onyx. Our shiny and holographic foil balloons are round, star-shaped and heart-shaped, or you can take your pick from numbers and letters. Log on to Candy Bar Sydney to create your sensational wedding celebration and have it swimming with as many festive balloons as you can fit in the room.


Save the Date Events with Nicole

Nicole of Save the Date Events
Nicole of Save the Date Events

Save the Date Events is a boutique event styling and planning business based in Sydney. Nicole, who has always had a passion for pretty things, explains how the business came to life!

“I first realised my passion for creating beautiful events when I hosted my friend’s bridal shower. It started with a simple colour scheme and the end result was a gorgeous backyard garden affair. I received a lot of compliments from the guests and felt that I should pursue things further and start my own styling business.  I absolutely loved planning my own wedding and wanted to feel that rush of organising an event all the time, and Save the Date Events was born.

“I have always had an interest in the pretty things in life and I love that working with my clients on their events allows me to express my creativity.  Everyone has a different idea of what they want their special occasion to look like and this means working with clients to come up with unique ideas.”

Save the Date Events offers event styling and planning services as well as styled dessert tables.

Save the Date Events pink and gold photo shoot
Save the Date Events pink and gold photo shoot

“My style is fun, crisp and creative and events feature lots of hand-made little goodies that will add a personal touch to your celebration,” says Nicole. “The business has evolved naturally over time, so I thought it was time to spice things up and give our logo a fresh look. I put together this gorgeous pink and gold shoot to celebrate our shiny new face.”

Candy jars and lollies from Candy Bar Sydney
Candy jars and lollies from Candy Bar Sydney
Pink Rock Candy Crystal Sticks
Pink Rock Candy Crystal Sticks from Candy Bar Sydney
Pink and Gold  styling for STDE
Light pink mini jelly beans from Candy Bar Sydney

The shoot could not have been possible without these amazing vendors:

  • Sweet Treats: Candy Bar Sydney (
  • Styling, hand-made tassels, balloon tail & props: Save the Date Events (
  • Photography: Andreas Photography (
  • Logo design: Pretty and Print (
  • Table, chair & prop hire: Ashdown & Bee (
  • Flowers: Designs by Boo Shi (
  • Jumbo Balloon: Born to Party (



A Siren-Inspired Birthday Candy Buffet


What a great way to solve a birthday dilemma. 18 year old gals might be sophisticated and mature on the outside, but there’s also a side that just wants to dress up and sing songs from the Little Mermaid… right? Or am I alone there? In any case, this setup from HeySugaSweetBuffets got the mix just right.

HeySugasweetBuffets is run by Pheonna Mesinzova in Melbourne. Here’s what she had to say:

“I had a challenge on my hands with this party as the birthday girl was torn between wanting a Little Mermaid theme and wanting a more sophisticated candy buffet for her 18th birthday. So we mixed the two together and created this elegant and grown up candy buffet in neutral tones and purples (the birthday girl’s favourite colour!) with gorgeous flowers and subtle nods to the Little Mermaid film with silhouettes, quotes and thingamabobs.

“The effect was simple and stylish, almost as if Ariel had washed up on the shore and found Prince Eric on Brighton Beach!


“Guests loved the candy buffet and enjoyed pointing out our Little Mermaid references. We heard there was quite a debate over what Ariel’s hairbrushing fork was called and that there were many outbursts of ‘Part of your World’, thanks to our quote! But all was forgotten as everyone helped themselves to the yummy lollies from Candy Bar Sydney and fantastic desserts provided by Cakephoria. We’d say it went swimmingly (!)”.
Little Mermaid
We totally agree! Purple looks particularly effective when combined with classic neutral shades such as beige, pale brown or pale gold. Here’s some of the Candy Bar Sydney lollies Pheonna used for the birthday candy buffet:
Purple Blackberry Acid Drops White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets

Acid Drops, White Chocolate Raspberry Bullets and Purple Fizzoes donned the candy buffet.

Purple Fizzoes Purple Birthday cake
We also love the birthday cake with its rich, velvety purple icing – fit for a mermaid princess. Respect, Pheonna!
Styling and Concept: Hey Suga Sweet Buffets
Desserts and cake: Cakephoria

Frozen parties here to stay

Frozen Lunch Plates

The magic of Frozen is more than a hit billion-dollar movie. Its longevity has almost taken it to that rare stratospheric status of Children’s Classic. Loosely based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale The Snow Queen, it was Disney-fied with a cast of quirky, feisty characters and memorable songs. The enduring power of Frozen has turned it into a party phenomenon long after its box office run. Young children love stories and movies which allow their imaginations to run wild.

Disney Frozen Loot Bags 8 Pack

The film tells the story of fearless Princess Anna who sets off on an epic journey alongside a rugged, thrill-seeking mountain man, his loyal pet reindeer, and a hapless snowman to find her estranged sister Snow Queen Elsa, whose icy powers have inadvertently trapped the kingdom in eternal winter, and break the spell. Part of the film’s attraction is its realistic shots, particularly the heavy snow and its interactions with the characters. The snow comes “alive”, in a sense.

Disney Frozen Party Game

When we first started writing about Frozen, almost none of these pretty party supplies were around. Now, there’s everything you can think of, from the Disney Frozen Party Game to Frozen Invitations, to balloons, table covers, plates, souvenir party cups and personal accessories. And they show no sign of waning in popularity.

Disney Frozen Sequin Headband
Disney Frozen Holographic Foil Balloon

A quick glance on Pinterest reveals hundreds of Frozen party themes and birthday candy buffets. We love these vanilla mousse desserts using pale blue fairy floss on top, and the astounding birthday cake. Such attention to detail!

Found on
Found on
Frozen birthday cake
Found on Pinterest

Lollies for a Frozen inspired candy buffet naturally include marshmallows of all sizes and shapes. Apart from candy floss, it’s the lolly that most easily reminds us of pillowy snow. And a marshmallow monster!

Purple Candy Coated Marshmallows


Large White Marshmallows
Large White Marshmallows
Blue Heart Marshmallows

Rock candy crystal sticks are another lolly with instant pizzazz for the theme. They look exactly like glittering icicles.

Rock Candy Crystal Sticks
White and Pink Rock Candy Crystal Sticks
Blue and white rock candy crystal sticks
Blue and White Rock Candy Crystal Sticks
Frozen, the movie
Picture courtesy of Disney

Add some White Vanilla Clouds and Purple Grape Clouds and Blue Berry Clouds. Their sugar coating makes them glisten like snow and ice.

White Vanilla Clouds
Purple Grape Clouds
Blue Berry Clouds

Lastly, don’t forget some shimmer:

White Shimmer Chocolate Sixlets
Light Pink Shimmer Gumballs
Ice castle in Frozen
Picture courtesy of Disney
Picture courtesy of Disney

Wedding Candy Buffet by Eudora Creations

Eudora Creations 1
Pink, mauve, pale apricot, white, silver and a few sparkles!

Eudora Creations set up this wonderful candy buffet combining dramatic floral arrangements and silver foil-wrapped lollies from Candy Bar Sydney. Eudora also used strings of crystal beads, satin ribbons, antique silver dishes and mirrors in addition to the clear, glass apothecary jars.  A jar of Large White Marshmallows is set on a white riser at centre back, providing a balancing touch. The delicate colours of the flowers are vividly highlighted by the pale lollies. We think the overall effect is fresh, pretty and so sophisticated.

Flowers are by Ooh La La Floral Design. The floral centrepieces are musk pink roses, dust pink rose, pastel pink rose and hydrangeas in a pinky mauve colour. There’s been lots of oohs and aahs on social media about these gorgeous flowers.

What was the occasion you were celebrating?

We are a candy buffet company and we had a stand at the Melbourne Bridal and Honeymoon expo.

Where did you have the wedding candy buffet?

The Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

What was the theme or colour scheme you chose for your candy buffet?

Bridal… so all white with pink flowers

Which were your favourite lollies?

The candy coated marshmallows were a hit!!

What did you like most about the candy bar?

Everything!! The quality of the candy the most!

Lollies for the wedding candy buffet  included: White Candy Coated Marshmallows, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses, White Chocolate Milky Buds, White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels, Milk Bottles, Silver Chocolate Hearts, White Chocolate Balls, White Shimmer Sixlets, White Rock Candy Crystal Sticks, Large White Marshmallows.

Eudora Creations 2
Candy Coated Marshmallows were a hit!
Eudora Creations  4
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Kisses filled the large martini glass
Eudora Creations 5
Chocolate Balls, White Chocolate Speckles, Chocolate Buds, Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

A Berry Blue Baby Shower

All blue baby shower candy buffet
All blue baby shower candy buffet

Check out this week’s submission from Tracey in Maitland. We love the blue sweets and treats that were added to the lollies to make this candy buffet a knockout. Even the lemon cordial was turned blue – look closely and you can see little rubber duckies floating in the drink dispenser! Great attention to detail.

What was the occasion you were celebrating?

My daughter’s baby shower for my first grandchild.

Where did you have the candy buffet?

The event was held at Walka Water Works near Maitland in NSW.

What was the theme or colour scheme you chose for your candy buffet?

We went for blue for a baby boy!

Which were your favourite lollies?

I loved the huge Blue and White Swirl Lollipops, they were quite a hit. We made lemon cordial turn blue with food colouring and added the floating rubber duckies on top for a finishing touch.

What did you like most about the candy bar?

The beautiful different blues of the lollies came together wonderfully.

Setting up the candy bar at Walka Water Works
Setting up the candy bar at Walka Water Works
Super cute elephant cake
Super cute elephant cake
Floating rubber duckies were added to the drink dispensers!
Floating rubber duckies were added to the drink dispensers!
Getting ready to run away with the blue swirl  lollipops
Getting ready to run away with the blue swirl lollipops