Dreaming of a white candy Christmas

White Christmas Candy Bar Wow, it’s hot! And it’s almost Christmas. Summer. Heat. Shopping. Frenzy. Meltdown. Ah yes, we know what you’re going through. That is probably why cool tones are such attractive options for Christmas candy bars and parties. It explains why you might be…


A snowy white theme with red and green accents looks cool in the top picture, from a Christmas candy buffet by Candy Bar Sydney. But table decorations don’t have to be wintry. We have our own summery festive traditions Down Under. Combining beachy bleached white starfish, coral and shells with silver and white baubles in a glass bowl, such as this one by Tara Dennis, really suits our climate.

Beachy Christmas decorations

White looks calm and cool in a season where we bustle and sizzle. And white on white or white with splashes of colour look glamorous without trying hard. Setting the scene for a Christmas candy buffet can also be as simple as white candles in a bed of sugar or rock salt in a mason jar, or candles on a Rosanna cake stand with decorative berries.

Candles for Christmas

Candles on a Christmas cake plate
We LOVE the bejewelled shells by victoriarosecottage.com – if you have the patience to painstakingly decorate shells, that is! Faux bijoux crystals and pearls have been combined to spectacular effect.

Bejewelled shells

Add a White Lace Metal Cake Stand for the all important Christmas cake and you’re half way there.


White Lace Metal Cake Stand

A white candy Christmas buffet needs extra special lollies for the festive season. Here’s some delicious suggestions:


Frosted Pistachios Confetti by Pariya


White Almond Nougat


Coconut Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly


Reese’s White Peanut Butter Cups


Gold Chocolate Hearts


Silver Chocolate Hearts


Ice Blue Chocolate Hearts


White Cadbury Chocolate Hearts


Gold and White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop


Pistachio Nougat by Pariya


White Speckled White Chocolate Jewels

White Toffee Bon Bons

White Toffee Bon Bons


Hershey’s Nuggets

 White, silver, gold or pale blue noodle boxes and loot bags will complement a white theme. If you would really like a strictly traditional touch, then how about a peppermint candy cane peeking out of each one?

Xmas noodle boxes

Gold and White Noodle Boxes


Large Candy Canes

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