How to create a Halloween candy buffet

Happy Halloween

Very soon, things will go bump in the night. Yes, it’s time to put on your witch’s hat, dust off the broom, and start thinking about…

How to create a Halloween candy buffet

Plan ahead so October 31 doesn’t jump out of a closet and scare the living daylights out of you. Getting your ghoul on takes a little bit of prep. Worried that demands for a Halloween party candy buffet might drive you batty?


Well, put your feet up, pour yourself a cuppa and read our Halloween hacks. We have some bewitching solutions.

Candy Corn 2

Candy Corn

Traditional Halloween colours are black and orange (the colour of ripe pumpkins), or black and silver and ghostly white, or black with a dash of red (vampire blood!). You could also add a dose of sinister dark witchy purple, with splashes of vivid little monster green and insanely bright pink.

White vanilla clouds and black bucket

Buckets and clouds Bucket and candy corn

Halloween 6

  • The next step in how to create a Halloween candy buffet is to look for props and decorations. This is not an expensive theme to accomplish.
  • Craft and fabric stores such as Spotlight have lining fabric for under $5 a metre. Several metres of black or orange will make a tablecover. Don’t even bother to hem it. It’s Halloween, after all. Save the neat and tidy look for more elegant occasions.
  • You could also use black crepe paper (cheap as chips), a large black scarf, black hessian, a black tarp, or black lace over an old white sheet.
  • For backdrop decorations, Candy Bar Sydney has Asylum Hanging Decoration Swirls, Halloween Lanterns 3 Pack, Halloween Hanging Decorations Value Pack .

  • White cheesecloth is often under $2 a metre. Ripping this fine, loose weave cotton fabric creates a dramatic cobweb effect. We like this candy buffet by (below) which has also used stencilled bats.
  • Use ripped cheesecloth as a backdrop or as a tablecover.
  • Candy Bar Sydney stocks packs of Halloween Hanging Bats.

White cheesecloth drape for Halloween party

  • If you’re using a lot of background black, present your food on white plates or orange placemats so it stands out.

Bewitching Halloween Candy Buffet

  • Use vintage cut glass tumblers, novelty skeleton pieces, rubber mice, silver trays, black candle holders, black candles (pictured below, by creative1.dollar.blogspotcom), or tall, plain candles dripping with wax.

Inspiring Halloween candy buffet

Halloween Foil Chocolate Balls

Halloween Foil Chocolate Balls



Well, treats, of course!!

  • Here’s what we mean:
Teeth Candy

Teeth Candy

Octopus Lollies by Trolli

Octopus Lollies by Trolli

Horror Mix Lollies by Trolli

Horror Mix Lollies by Trolli

Orange Rock Candy Crystal Stick

Orange Rock Candy Crystal Stick

Black Cats available at Candy Bar Sydney

Black Cats

Orange Mini Jelly Beans

Orange Mini Jelly Beans

Rock Candy Crystal sticks

Black, White, Purple Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

Orange Sherbet Bombs

Orange Sherbet Bombs

Black Cadbury Chocolate Hearts

Black Cadbury Chocolate Hearts

Grape Clouds

Grape Clouds

Orange Candy Coated Marshmallows

Orange Candy Coated Marshmallows

Neon Squiggle Lollies by Trolli

Neon Squiggle Lollies by Trolli

  • If your theme is black and white (and maybe with a dash of vampire blood) here’s some options:
Back and Red Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

Back and Red Rock Candy Crystal Sticks

Frogs Alive by Allens

Black and White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop

Black and White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop

Raspberry and Blackberry Lollies 2kg by Trolli

Raspberry and Blackberry Lollies by Trolli

White Fizzoes

White Fizzoes

And don’t forget the  loot bags 

Lolly-bags 2

Party bags and noodle box

Halloween cake art

  • Novelty cakes make a dramatic centrepiece. If you’re wondering how to create a Halloween candy buffet cake or cupcakes and cake pops, here’s some options we like:
  • Simple chocolate cupcakes (pictured below) have added glamour with choc sprinkles on the frosting, baked in black and white striped cups such as Black Stripe Baking Cups by Paper Eskimo. They can be arranged on a black cake stand such as the Medium Rococo Noir Skirted Pedestal by Rosanna. A black lace runner completes the look. 

Halloween cupcakes

Medium Rococo Noir Skirted Pedestal by Rosanna

  • The Vamp Attack Halloween Cake by (pictured below) is a red velvet cake. When assembling, the cake is cut into two layers. This layer is  filled with a cooled mixture of raspberry, cornstarch, vanilla and sugar cooked together, then sieved and put back into a pan to simmer until the mixture thickens. You save some for the exterior “blood splatters”. The cake blogger has used a vanilla frosting sealed under white fondant. It is rolled out to 7mm thick and then draped over the cake and trimmed to fit.
  • If you don’t want to go the whole fondant hog, (and lets face it, many of us are time poor) you could use a thick, white vanilla frosting.
  • Refrigerate the iced cake for 30 minutes before you do the blood splatters, so the icing has had time to set. The blogger has used plastic vampire teeth to imprint a pattern into the cake, before adding the raspberry sauce. The big scary bloody (raspberry sauce) knife is a fabulously creepy touch.

Vampire Halloween cake

Medium White Skirted Pedestal by Rosanna

Medium White Skirted Pedestal by Rosanna

  • The Web and Spider Halloween Cake, created by,  uses lots of melted white marshmallows spun around the cake to create the sticky web effect. That spider climbing up the cake looks truly terrifying!

Web and spider Halloween cake Large White Marshmallows

  • I also found these Yummy Mummies Cake Pops on Pinterest and think they’re very funny. You can use white melted chocolate to create the spun bandage effect, or again, melted white marshmallows. For the eyes, use dots of green-coloured icing.  The cake pops have been given an authentic mummy look with thin strips of white bandages.

Yummy Mummy cake pops

  • Ha ha, creepy critter cupcakes! If your kids think bandaged cake pops and a spider crawling up a cake are too scary, these will excite their appetites.  Black and white polka dot cupcake toppers look good, if specific Halloween toppers are impossible to find.

Creepy critter cupcakes

  • Candy Bar Sydney also has a Pirate Combo Pack. A red velvet cupcake mix and black icing would go really well. Top with the skull pirate flags, et voila! Or should I say, Boo!?

Pirate Combo Pack

Boo art

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